QuickPayPortal: How to access QuickPayPortal and Pay bills at www.quickpayportal.com using quickpay code is what is going to be shared in this article. QuickPayPortal is an online medical and treatment bill payment facility provided by Athena Health, Inc. Athena Health started the QuickPayPortal with a motive to ease the bill payment related to the hospital bills and treatment costs. Soon the portal has been upgraded and there are various options available that can help patients in managing their health. So of now, the QuickPayPortal is a one-stop for almost all medical needs except for buying the medicines, etc. patients can access the QuickPayPortal and access numerous options like viewing bill statements, bill payments, access health records, manage health records, schedule appointments with doctors, get test results online and many more. The QuickPayPortal is only available to be accessed and used in the United States of America.

Athena Health, Inc., an American company providing network-enabled services for healthcare and point-of-care mobile apps with great products. It is considered under the publicly traded companies in the United States of America. Athena Health Inc., was previously known as Athena Women’s Health at the time of establishment. It was founded by Jonathan Bush (Who is currently the CEO since the establishment) and Todd Park (Former Chief Technology Officer of the United States) in 1997 in San Diego, California. It has its operations in parts of U.S as well as in India. It is situated in the places like Belfast (Maine), Atlanta (Georgia), Austin (Texas), Princeton (New Jersey) in the United States and Chennai, Bangalore, and Pune states in India; with its headquarters is located in Watertown, Massachusetts, United States. Athena Health Inc., is mainly famous for providing network-enabled services for healthcare and apps to manage clinical and financial results for its hospital and clients in the United States of America. Its products include Athena Collector (Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Billing), Athena Clinical (Electronic Health Records), Athena Communicator (Patient Engagement, Care Coordination), Epocrates (Similar to EHR), and Athena Health Population Health (Population Health Management). All these products and facilities are provided through software technology.

In this article, we will discuss all the important information in detail related to the topics like services provided by QuickPayPortal, how to sign in to the QuickPayPortal, How to make a bill payment using QuickPayPortal, advantages of using QuickPayPortal and will answer some frequently asked questions. If you have any queries, we hope to provide you its full details.

Services offered by QuickPayPortal @ www.quickpayportal.com

As mentioned earlier, QuickPayPortal applications are not just limited to bill payment. You can access a lot of options once you are signed in to the portal. The following are the services provided by the QuickPayPortal which can be accessed once signed in to the portal:

  • Bills Management: Bills management refers to viewing of bills and making payments. These bills are only to be related to hospital and treatment. The payment options are very flexible. You can make a payment using the credit cards, mailing a check, transferring amount through online checking and by calling a phone number.
  • Get in touch with QuickPayPortal: You need to sign in to the portal to solve your queries by contacting QuickPayPortal community. They offer great help with a friendly gesture.
  • Online test results: The QuickPayPortal provides online facility to retrieve your test results. However all the test results are cannot shared online because some of the results might be sensitive and requires experts support while declaring them to the patient or their family or concerned members.
  • Electronic Health Records: This option provides a facility to the portal users to manage their health records. This can ease in transferring the records and tracking the improvements.
  • Manage personal information: This is just a profile related option. This helps the users to edit their personal information like name, address, contact numbers etc., to avail shipping facilities and billing.
  • Health educational material: This option provides the reading material related to the patient’s problem. This helps the patient to get to know about his problem, factors to control it and things to avoid.
  • Message health care provider: Messaging a health care provider is a better means of communication between a patient and a health care provider.  It helps patients to get their doubts and queries cleared by contacting the health care provider.
  • Schedule appointments: This option helps patients in scheduling and rescheduling an appointment with their health care providers. All you got to do is, sign in to the QuickPayPortal, select the available date and time and that’s it. You have just scheduled an appointment with your health care provider.
  • Get doctor’s notes: The portal provides all the key points mentioned by the health care provider to the patient in the form of doctor’s notes. This helps patient in making to do and not to do list to improve his health.
  • Share EHR: As told that the portal stores the health records of a patient in electronic manner which is known as Electronic Health Record (EHR). This information is easy to share your health records with anyone you like to in case you need to get an advice.

Sign up in to QuickPayPortal at www.quickpayportal.com:

To access all the services mentioned above which is offered at QuickPayPortal, one need to sign up in to the portal. Without signing in to the portal, you cannot access any single option. The website portal has some requirements to be met for proper working and sin up at the portal. Before getting to know about the sign up process, please make sure that your computer meets the following requirements:

  • Make sure that you access the QuickPay Portal website through the mentioned browser versions like Internet Explorer 7, 8 or above, Safari or Firefox. The other browsers may cause fault with some of the materials and contents available on the website and these options cannot be accessed through Internet Explorer 6 or any other browsers.
  • Make sure that the Adobe reader is installed on your computer. This is required to view files and reports which are compatible and can be viewed clearly through this software.

Other than these technical requirements, the most important thing required signing up and accessing the QuickPayPortal is QuickPay Code. QuickPay Code also known as Statement ID or Access Code is a 15 digit code.  It is available on the billing statement and you can spot it easily. QuickPay Code / Statement ID / Access Code can be found on the billing statement and is required to start the signing process. This code importance is that it acts as your registration or serial number and helps in retrieving all your health data related to your visit to the consultant such as medication, consultation details, treatments, billing etc. available online to manage it in your QuickPay Portal account. So make sure that you spot the QuickPay Code / Statement ID / Access Code on the billing statement before starting the sign up process of QuickPayPortal at www.quickpayportal.com.  
In case you are facing trouble, go through the step by step procedure to sign up at QuickPayPortal:

  • Make sure that the computer or laptop you are using is connected to active internet connection and meets the above mentioned technical requirements.
  • Open any of the above mentioned browsers and go to the QuickPayPortal’s website at www.quickpayportal.com
  • Fill in the 15 digit QuickPay Code / Statement ID / Access Code in the related field and click on the sign up option.
  • As you are using the portal for the first time, you need to provide your personal information as part of creating your account and profile. This information will be related to name, address, date of birth, contact number, Social Security Number (SSN), email address etc.
  • Then you have to create a password for your account.
  • Remember that the password you are creating and the email address provided will be your log in details and make sure you don’t forget them.
  • Now check the terms and conditions box and click on the create account or sign up option.
  • In a few seconds, your account at the QuickPayPortal will be created successfully and you will be allowed to use the options provided by QuickPayPortal.

Make a bill payment through QuickPayPortal at www.quickpayportal.com:

You need to access the QuickPayportal to make bill payments at www.quickpayportal.com. Without signing in, you cannot access the QuickPayPortal options. Please follow the below steps to make a payment through QuickPayPortal at www.quickpayportal.com:

  • Make sure that the device or computer or PC or Laptop you are using meets the above mentioned technical requirements and is connected to active internet connection.
  • Open the above suggested browsers and go to the QuickPayPortal’s website by entering the url www.quickpayportal.com
  • Provide the 15 digit QuickPay Code / Statement ID / Access Code available on your billing statement in the prescribed fields and click on the sign up option
  • The total bill amount will be shown to you. Now enter the amount you want to apy which can be either full or partial of the actual billing amount.
  • As there are flexible methods to make the payment through QuickPayPortal, follow any of the methods you want to choose:
    •  Make a payment using Credit Card:
      • The cards that are accepted at the QuickPayPortal should be either MasterCard, Visa or Discover
      • Enter the card details such as card number and expiry date available on the front side of the card, CVV or the security number available on the back side of the card, name of the card holder etc.
      • You may receive an OTP for secure payment verification
      • Verify the transaction by entering the OTP
      • Once you have completed the above steps, your bill payment is completed once you receive SMS or mail about the payment and transaction details.
    • Pay on phone:
      •  This requires calling a number available on the bill statement
      • Dial the number and follow the steps for bill payment
      • You will be asked to provide your account details
      • Enter the details carefully
      • Once you receive a mail or SMS about the transaction, your payment is done.
    • Mail the amount:
      • To mail the amount, send the mail to the address available on the billing statement.
    • By banking:
      • Banking refers to online checking
      • You need to transfer the amount as part of the bill payment to the health providers account
    • Claiming insurance:
      • In case you want to make the bill payment by claiming the insurance, please provide your insurance details and insurance providers details by calling to the number available on your billing statement.

Advantages of using QuickPayPortal: 

There are a number of advantages of using QuickPayPortal. Some of the advantages are:

  • Fast bill payments
  • Time saving
  • Easy to use
  • Track health improvements
  • Get advised by the health care provider instantly
  • Keep an eye on doctors suggestions
  • Flexible bill payment methods
  • Easy to transfer Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Efficient payments
  • Easy to schedule appointment with health care providers

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ’s:

  • What is a QuickPay Portal?
  • QucikPay Portal is a free online patient facility at website portal www.quickpayportal.com, provided by Athena Health Inc., for the people of United States
  • What is QuickPay Code or Statement ID or Access Code and where can I find it?
  • QuickPay Code or Statement ID or Access Code is a 15 digit code available on the billing statement required to sign up at QuickPayPortal. It retrives the data to the website automatically.
  • What are the services offered by QuickPayPoartal?
  • QuickPayPoratl offers a number of services to the patients regarding their hospital treatments like bill management and payment, health records management and accessing, scheduling appointments and getting advice from the health care providers, maintaining Electronic Health Records (EHR) etc.
  • What are the types and forms of payments accepted at QuickPayPortal?
  • There are flexible methods offered by QuickPayPortal to make the bill payments at www.quickpayportal.com like make a payment using Credit Card provided by MasterCard, Discover and Visa, pay on phone, mail the amount, by banking or online checking and by claiming insurance.
  •  Is QuickPayPortal safe to pay medical bills online?
  • Yes. It is 100% secure and safe to make payments through QuickPayPortal at www.quickpayportal.com.

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